We are burdened to help teens in this generation find God’s will for their life and learn how to live separated from this world.

Sunday School

The teens have a dynamic and relevant Sunday School class with bold looks at current issues through the eyes of the Bible.  We want our teenagers to learn the Word of God and then to be able to apply it in their daily lives.  We want to challenge them in the tough areas of life that this generation must face. 

Monthly Activities

From bowling, to scavenger hunts, to S.N.A.C. (Sunday Night After Church), each month there is always a fun and exciting  activity planned specifically for the teens.  We feel it is very important that they have a fun and safe atmosphere to spend time with friends, without the negative influences of the world.


Although the teens are encouraged to participate in our weekly Church-wide soulwinning time, every month there is one Saturday where the teens get to “go it alone”.  It is a time of encouragement and growth as the teens go out into the community to share the Gospel door to door.

Annual Conference

Just as the younger children have the excitement of participating in our annual Vacation Bible School, our teens are given the opportunity to participate in an annual teen conference.  In 2010 – 2012, the teens went to conference at Shawnee Baptist Church in Louisville, KY.  Monday through Wednesday of each year were filled with great music, preaching, relevant split sessions, good food, and a time to put the world aside and listen to God’s still small voice.  Each year the conference ended on Thursday with a full day at King’s Island amusement park in Cincinnati, OH before heading back home. 

Teen Conference













Service Opportunities

Throughout the year, there are many opportunities for the teens at Clearview.  Whether helping in VBS, singing in the choir, participating in work days, knocking doors in the neighborhood, washing buses, or just encouraging a friend, there is always an opportunity to serve.