Christian Worker’s Conference 2020


This conference will be hosted by Clearview Baptist Church on Saturday, February 8, 2020, from 10 am to 2pm.  Registration is $10 per person; groups of 10 or more from one church have a maximum registration of $100.  Lunch and nursery will be provided.

This conference is designed to help laymen of local churches by providing instruction, preaching, and fellowship.  The format will begin with a preaching service, after which there will be break-out sessions for instruction.  Following the first session, lunch will be served followed by another session and a final preaching service.  There are two visiting pastors who will be teaching sessions as well as members of the Clearview Baptist Church.  Conference sessions will include:

  • Preparing Sunday school lessons. In a world when people are shying away from Sunday school for different reasons, it is incumbent on us to make Sunday school so good that people will hate to miss it.  Pastor Tim Smartt will walk people through the process of preparing a lesson that is both Scriptural and relevant.
  • Being an effective church usher. Whether your church sees two visitors a week or two a year, the way they are greeted in the first 90 seconds makes a world of difference.  Brother David Hannah, long time head of ushers at Clearview, will give some practical help in this regard.
  • Reaching the lost. No one doubts that the church should be involved in bringing people to Jesus Christ, but sometimes it helps to have some practical ideas to help give structure to our efforts.  Pastor Finley Cutshaw will draw upon his experience of over 20 years of pastoring as he talks about fleshing out the concept of reaching our Jerusalem for Christ.
  • Being a good church pianist. Sarah Crow has been a church pianist for over 20 years, both in a single local church and as pianist in local church revival meetings with her husband.  Wherever you are in your abilities and experience, Sarah will endeavor to help you take another step toward excellence as a church pianist.
  • Leading congregational singing. There is no more powerful music in the world than the enthusiastic congregational singing of the Lord’s people.  Drawing on his 11 years of experience as a platform church music leader, Bro. Steve Frye will give some practical helps for making congregational singing a little taste of heaven on earth.
  • Reaching children. More than ever, the church provides the only stability for many young people across America.  Long time Youth Pastor Nathanael Taylor provides some helps to those who would reach children with the truth.
  • Developing male leadership. In a session geared toward pastors, Pastor Cory Knepshield will revisit the Scriptures about the importance of male leadership in the church.  He will then proceed to give some practical pointers in implementing these timeless truths.
  • Developing and maintaining a preaching atmosphere. If God works through preaching, then it stands to reason that Satan works against it.  After nearly 18 years in full time evangelism, Evangelist Paul Crow has discovered many truths that can help create an atmosphere in which preaching can be more effective.

Age appropriate activities will be provided for children ages 4-12 during the breakout sessions.

Register today!  Registration is due by Monday, February 3, 2020.  Please complete the form below and then click the “Make Payment” button: