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A word from our pastor…

Pastor Cory W. KnepshieldClearview Baptist Church truly knows the meaning of experiencing the blessing of God.  Our goal is to reach our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we are excited to serve God together.  We endeavor to witness and live according to the Word of God.

It is my privilege to have the opportunity to serve here in Southaven, Mississippi.  My family and I are honored to labor together for the cause of Christ.  North Mississippi is a rapidly growing area and it is clear that God has positioned this church for great things ahead.  All praise belongs to Him for great things He hath done.

We are delighted that you have chosen to visit our church’s website. God has truly blessed our church in the recent days with souls saved, baptisms, and new members. We are excited about the coming days at our church. We are an old-fashioned, independent Baptist Church interested in becoming like Christ. It is my prayer that the Lord will allow us to win souls to Christ, and help them grow spiritually as they endeavor to become Christlike.

We would be honored if you would visit us in our services. If there is any way in which we can help you please don’t hesitate to contact me!

God Bless!

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Brief Facts:

  • Cory W. Knepshield accepted the call as Pastor of Clearview Baptist Church in October 2007.
  • Prior to that call he had served for ten years as an Assistant Pastor and Youth Pastor.
  • He was raised in a godly home, saved at the age of five, and God called him to preach while a junior in high school.
  • His family heritage contains a long line of ordained ministers.
  • He holds a B.A. in Ministries from Pensacola Christian College.

Pastor & Family

Back (L to R): Garrett, Zachary, Mrs. Kelli, Pastor Knepshield
Front (L to R): Daniel, Caleb